Working without the Finder

I use Path Finder exclusively and the Finder is rarely open on my machine. I would love to be able to import or drag into DevonThink without the Finder launching. Don’t know if this is possible. I am vey new to DT (and very happy so far!). I’ve searched this forum but not seen a similar request.



I’ll add an option to disable the import of Finder comments (or DT will automatically check if the Finder is running).

Excellent! Thanks.


Already added to the latest beta - no more import of comments if there’s no Finder running.

I use both Path Finder and the Finder. I’m hoping Finder comments do come over if the Finder is running. Will check that out in the beta.

Thanks again! Are betas publicly available? Or, how does one become a beta tester?


If you’re really interested in beta testing, just send me an email. But please be aware that betas are often quite buggy and a good backup strategy is highly recommended (and actually recommended to everyone else too!).