Workspace v. Database

NOTE: This question references Devonthink Personal.

What’s the difference between a Workspace and a Database?

After several hours of searching the support docs and forum, it appears on the product comparison chart (for potential buyers) that multiple Databases are only possible on Devonthink Pro and Pro Office, and not on Devonthink Personal.

If that’s correct, and Devonthink Personal does not support multiple Databases,

  1. what is a Workspace?
  2. can each Workspace be opened in its own window?
  3. can a workspace be exported and/ or saved independently of all other workspaces?
  4. if so, what are the steps for doing so (2 & 3)?

I have two very different and unrelated projects in process–
one is personal genealogy, the other is career/fellowship.

I would like to compile and keep the data for each project separate.
I also want each project to open in a separate window.

Could someone please provide instructions for achieving this?

Thank you.

From the release notes (available in Help) for version 2.1

The process as instructed does not work for me.

-Add Workspace
-(enter name of new workspace) i.e. “Workspace August”

The above steps are successful and the name “Workspace August” appears at the bottom of the GO menu. However, selecting the workspace from the GO menu makes all Devonthink windows disappear. Nothing else happens and no new no new window opens or appears.

Could someone please provide the ‘trick’ for making it work as intended…?

Thank You.

Devonthink Personal
(mac osx 10.6.8)