Workspaces are not closing open databases

If I save a workspace that contains one open database (named: oneOpen) then, in the process of my work, when I have other databases that are open, I go to oneOpen workspace it does not close the open databases.

Is this a bug or desired behavior?

Workspaces allow you to save the state of your open databases, as well as the contents and positions of all open windows

This is currently intentional, workspaces open required databases if necessary but don’t close any.


Would it be possible to add an option in DT to close the databases that are not part of a workspace when switching workspaces ? Or adding this option at the workspace level when creating a new workspace ?

My understanding of worspaces was that it was a way to group databased by concerns/topics.

For example, I have two workspaces (just for the sake of the example):

  • one called “admin” that holds admin related databases: “Archived emails”, “Admin - Personal” and “Admin - Work”
  • another workspace named “Medicine” that holds databases such as “Chinese medicine”, “western medicine”…

I often switch from one to another. But as DT does not close the databases upon workspace change, after one workspace switch, the relation between databases is lost (the ones only worth in the context of admin or the ones in the context of medicine) and unless you remember exactly which databases are part of a workspace there is no way to know. In my example it seems trivial, but when you have several databases, the workspace feature loses its interest if you have to close every unrelated database when switching to another workspace.

I’d second this suggestion, at least as an option to close irrelevant databases on switching workspaces.

As it is, you can switch from one workspace to a different one, subsequently update it, and find you’ve included an unwanted database or databases in your workspace update.

We’ll consider this for future releases.

Thank you :+1:

Another voice in favour please.

I arrived at this thread thinking the non closure of databases was a bug :slight_smile:

You could use File > Close Database > Close All before opening the workspace.

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