Workspaces filters

Hi all,
good job with v3, very powerful, so as always i’m tempted to use DT beyond its purposes…
there is any chance that Workspaces retains at least filters applied to windows?
and linked to this, how if i want to filter by tags AND by say, read status?
finally, writing in “Tag Filter” field does not work for me, i need to select tag in the sidebar tag cloud.

We’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

This isn’t possible. A smart group might be an alternative.

Just tried this successfully. Did you press Enter/Return after entering the tag(s)?

Thanks for reply,

yes if i press Enter/Return the tag in the field is duplicated…if i delete one also by mouse nothing happens.
this happens when tags start with “@” character.

Duplicated? A screenshot before/after pressing Enter/Return would be useful. In addition, which version of macOS do you use?

Schermata 2020-06-09 alle 11.12.32

Mac Os Mojave 10.14.6

Does this always happen? I could reproduce this only once but not anymore. What’s selected in the sidebar (e.g. a database or smart group/rule etc.)?

seems to happens when trying to filter a smart group.

p.s. CTRL-T does not focus on Tag Filer Field as expected

The next release will improve this.