Workspaces - on reopening documents no longer in different tabs

I have created a WorkSpace with 3 documents, each in a separate window.

On re-opening/invoking the WorkSpace the 3 documents were opened as a tabs in the same window.

Is there a way to overcome this?

macOS 10.14.3 / DevonThink Office Pro 2.11.2

What’s the shortcut of the workspace? Did you press Alt while opening it?

Seems that it’s a weird feature of macOS. If you open the workspace while the Alt/Opt modifier key is pressed, then the windows are actually merged into one window using the window tabs of the system. These are not document tabs of DEVONthink.

Thank you for the replies.

If in macOS “Preferences / Dock / Prefer tabs when opening documents” the setting is set to “Always” then however the user accesses a Workspace (keyboard shortcut or via the Go menu) only one window will appear.

Change the setting to one of the two other options then WorkSpaces will work as intended.

Apple’s information concerning the Preferences / Dock / Prefer tabs when opening documents