I really like the new Workspaces feature of 2.1 In my scanned docs database, I often scan in batches, and it’s often the same dozen or so vendors/statements/etc…

Setting a Workspace makes easy work of navigating to the desired folder to move the scans out of the Inbox to the destination folder.

Good job DT!

Feature Request:
It would be nice if newly added Workspaces were at the bottom of the list, not the top.

  1. Bills
  2. Statements.
  3. Other

It makes it tricky to add Banking and have it look like this. It’s better to remember “1.” is Bills, and not remember the order every time a new WorkSpace is added. “Oh yea, I added Banking, now Bills it item 2”

  1. Banking
  2. Bills
  3. Statements.
  4. Other

Yes I see that you can drag-drop their order in the Delete window (which seems counter intuitive place to make that change), but to not have to do it every time a new work space is added would be preferred.

Oops, I see you can drag/drop in Delete window, but Cancel does nothing to the order and Ok actually deletes it (I just deleted a WorkSpace accidentally). What’s the point of drag-drop if you can’t keep them sorted that way?

I mentioned this during the beta of 2.1, and I agree completely. Adding new workspaces to the bottom of the list is a must-have feature, and allowing the user to sort the list would be very welcome also. The current method of alpha sorting just kills the utility of having shortcuts to call a workspace, unless the user never adds new workspaces in the future.

Just noticed that is the case, alphabetical. My example here was arbritary and by coincidence my real names when trying were reverse alphabetical. I guess as a short term “fix” i could add letters to names.


Yeah, the delete panel allows you to rename workspaces and change the order, but does not allow to really apply the changes which would be really great features IMO. Maybe a coming version should rename the “delete…” menu item to something like “manage…” and allow this kind of functionality (and remove the automatic alpha sorting which does not really make sense to me, too).