So what are they and how can we use them? In fact, the help file is truncated so I’m not entirely sure how to install the scripts…(Scripts > Additions).

These scripts simply let you set up sets of Windows that you may like to have open for working in different projects. You can add new Workspaces, add the frontmost Window to an existing Workspace, or delete a Workspace. You can quickly switch between Workspaces by opening a new one in the Workspaces group, which will be created in your topmost view when you run the Add Workspace script.

This is handy for automatically remembering the windows you want open while working on a particular task.

While working in a Workspace you can edit documents. If you delete that Workspace, your edits still remain in your database, as you were working on a replicant of the document.

Don’t know why your Help file was truncated. Here’s the information on Workspaces:


The scripts allow you to create different workspace sets and switch between them. A workspace contains references to open windows and switching between sets re-opens all windows stored in it. Use workspaces e.g. for different sets of documents for each of your projects.

Workspaces are stored in a group named “Workspaces” in the top level of the currently open database. If this group doesn’t exists, the script “New Workspace” will create it automatically.

New Workspace: Create a new group inside the “Workspaces” group and places replicants of all records that are currently opened in document/group windows into this new group. In addition this script will create the “Workspaces” group at the top level of the database if it does not exist already.
Open Workspace: Re-opens all windows “saved” in a workspace.
Add to Workspace: Adds the frontmost window to a workspace.
Delete Workspace: Deletes a workspace. The original records will not be touched, only the replicants in the “Workspaces” group.
These scripts are not by default available through DEVONthink Professional’s script menu. If you want to have these scripts at hand, copy the complete “Workspaces” folder into “~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro”.

Note: Thanks to Rudi Grams, Thailand, for offering these scripts to the public!