I’ve just tried my first workspace.

I opened a web archive and pdf, both in DTP windows. I also opened a new browser window of a sub folder view. I arranged the webarchive and pdf side by side, on top of the subfolder browser window and created a new workspace.

I then closed the windows and navigated to the top level of my database.

I opened the saved workspace which opened both pdf and webarchive windows, stacked on top of one another (with the subfolder view as the topmost window).
This was not in the original window configuration/position saved in the workflow.

That doesn’t seem to be the intended behavior, or did I misunderstand the purpose of workflows?

Any advice?

The purpose of workspaces is to let one create sets of views and or documents, each for a particular task or project, and be able to return to them.

But the current setup doesn’t preserve the ‘layout’ of the windows on the screen, as you discovered.

For example, I’ve used a workspace to collect a set of documents that I intend to read in depth. Just a handy little tool, though of course it does have some limitations – one of which is that although DT Pro has already ‘read’ those documents, the information hasn’t yet made it into my brain. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks Bill,

I misunderstood the purpose.

Still nifty.


I discovered these workspaces scripts and they are decent enough. My real need is to keep the layout of the windows. For my current project I have 11 windows open, spanning across 2 screens. Whenever I need to close my database I have to spend a few minutes setting the windows up just right again. A true workspaces save function would keep this layout information.

p.s. the workspaces saving doesn’t preserve the page data either.

Assuming that you don’t close the windows on your own and just close the database or quit the application, then activate the preference “Open windows that were open on quit”. Afterwards opening a database (or switching to another database) should automatically restore the windows and their layout.

This helps greatly. Thanks very much Christian.

You could try the very neat little utility called Relaunch ( It allows you to take snapshots of applications open at a given time and, in the case of a large number of commonly used apps, reopen docs as well. DTP is one of the apps included. This means you can simply take the snapshot, quit and Relaunch will reopen the workspace docs exactly as you left them and in the same positions on the screen. I’ve just discovered it precisely for this purpose, and it works perfectly. Costs US$7.50, so it’s a no-brainer.

Best, Malcolm