I was just looking for the workspaces-script (from the script menu specific to DT) and couldn’t find it. This used to be a useful tool (for organising screen real-estate with multiple open files) from DT 1.xx days. I wonder whether it’s going to reappear again? Can I put in a pledge for the script to come back or something of the same functionality in DT2? Thanks.


A similar functionality will be added to a future release but the scripts won’t be added again. In the meantime the scripts for v1.x might still work.

Found an old 1.5.1.dmg and installed the workspaces-script from there as usual. They still work! :slight_smile:

For the new “similar functionality”: it would be great if it retained settings like open info-windows and could handle a second monitor when it comes to placement and arrangement of DT’s open windows. This may be a small point but would be greatly appreciated here.
Thanks Christian.