Would an instructional video (about synchronization) be helpful?

From reading the questions being posted here, I sometimes wonder whether the synchronization concepts of DT are understood by all users.

Some companies explain their product and the use of it with a video. With that I don’t necessarily mean a screen recording (although that could be part of it), but for example a simple and fairly short animation explaining the concept of a sync store, Bonjour sync. Of course such videos could also include other concepts like smart rules or in/out concepts.

What does the community think? Would videos enhance the understanding of DT, specifically regarding synchronization concepts?

Is the description in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync somehow insufficient? (And yes, it requires people to read the Help :wink: ).

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Different people learn in different ways; and education and training is surely additive. So I would think there wouldn’t be any downside to having a video explanation.

I know. And I do as you know, but I think not everybody will understand the concept of a sync store and the difference with Bonjour sync e.g.

Exactly. This is one of the reasons why videos can be helpful. In fact, I think most people benefit from seeing something being demonstrated. It’s like a car mechanic who thinks nothing of doing some simple maintenance task that’s described in the manual. It is simple to the mechanic, but a new car owner might be puzzled by it.

To be clear I’m not talking about a feature-length award winning project, but some short and simple animation explaining a relatively complex subject. I’m trying to recall what I was thinking when I first read about Bonjour sync many years ago. I think I was intrigued about the word ‘Bonjour’ but somehow something also withheld me from using it. Synchronizing with a webservice seemed so much easier. I presume this also has to do with the marketing done by the well-known brands.

Fast forward to 2020, and I get the idea people indeed do not read the manual, or they do, but they’re puzzled by the concepts explained there. Keep in mind, typing in WebDAV addresses or adjusting macOS settings (if required) can be frightening to some.

Perhaps the community can be of service. Who knows if there’re animators or producers here who can advise on it. And who knows if @BLUEFROG‘s or @eboehnisch have good voice-over capabilities? I’ll leave that to them of course :slight_smile:


I don’t take exception to anything you are saying, and should someone want to make a video, fine.

However, I find it ironic that people learning to use a “document” management tool which focuses on “reading” don’t find energy to “read” Help and/or the manual and/or the terrific “Take Control of DEVONthink3” and instead look for (and maybe wait for?) a video?

Sign of the times, I guess.


Indeed :slight_smile:

But on the other hand: if the number of steady users of DT grows because an animation/video explains them the ins and outs of a concept that appears to puzzle them without it, then I’d say think about creating it. That would probably be of value to both the company and the community.

Also: not all users store multi-paged documents in DT, it could also be contracts, receipts or invoices. Last time I referenced those, it wasn’t because I was in for some good reading :slight_smile:

That’s a good one :sweat_smile: