Would it work for me?

Before I shell money on DTTG, I was wondering whether this would be of any help for me, but I doubt it would.
I have 0 documents in my database, only aliases to physical files on my hard disk.
DTTG is working only if you import the docs into the DB. Is that right?
Because I guess it can’t retrieve/put back documents from/to the hard drive while syncing, it needs everything embedded. Right?
Thanks for any clarification.

No, it’s incorrect. However, DTTG2 does not index files as it can’t connect to the other device’s filesystem.

I guess the best thing to do is to try
But it looks like there is no more free version…

Sounds good.

PS: DTTG2 has never been free.

OK I think read there was a free version with inApp purchases.
But this still bugs me. Does it make an entire copy of the remote files into the device. And if docs are changed, moved, reorganized on the device, when syncing, does this propagates to the desktop?
Again, I have NO files inside the database, only aliases…

Yes, but with the shallow Sync, you can just include the metadata and download the content on demand. However, you cannot access remote indexed files.

Yes. This is a mirroring Sync so it keeps the devices in the smae state.

Good thanks,
Then I’m going to get DTTG right away. If I can select only what is important to me, it’s perfect.
A lot of files are just old archives that I just need somewhere but don’t need to access them on the go
Thanks for your lights