Wow. I have just looked at DTTG again after abandoning it years ago. I am ashamed to say (on this forum) I have become a full time Evernote premium user…because I love using my iPad and need a good iOS app.

However this has tempted me back…I have bought the IAP…and I think I am going to use this full time now and see how it goes.

Several questions

  • On the mac there is a sync option for iCloud… I can’t find it in DTTG…it would be good for me because I buy 200g storage on iCloud ?
  • I can’t see how sheets work in DTTG…
  • Also a dark mode would be good…

Not currently available. See

Import a .csv file (e.g., from OmniOutliner on iOS) and you’ll see. Sheets can be viewed on iOS and edited in the desktop DEVONthink.

The Manual might be helpful.

I’m always curious about dark mode. I have poor vision so it renders reading impossible for me and I explicitly will not buy apps that work exclusively in dark mode. But why is it important for so many folks? Or is it a millennial thing :laughing:

Well, I’m not a millennial, and dark mode is very important to me. It preserves your sight. White light overtime damages cornea. Having used the computer for 15 years now, and being close to 50, I start feeling the damage. So, if you have poor vision, buy glasses, and try dark mode! Software shouldn’t be in dark mode only, of course, but it is certainly something I am looking for in a writing software. DevonThink is lacking it.

OK. Forget dark mode @korm

However, DTTG 2 hasn’t been working well for me. It’s been synchronizing badly, not only for the database I have reported to support, but also to many others. I have explained the issues to support, which has been unable to find a solution.

It’s been synchronizing badly, not only for the database

which backend are you using? local storage and bonjour have never worked for me but dropbox is quite fine to be honest.

I’m using Dropbox as well. I can’t get all my information on my iPhone, nor find the notes I added through DTTG on my desktop DTP.

DTTG thus seems totally useless to me.

It’s not perfect. I am having trouble with a huge database in DB (several tens of gigabytes), but I am going to report that. For regular sized groups / databases, I’ve had no major issues with any sync options. If you give us more detail, perhaps with screenshots of settings, we might be able to help out, but support is probably your best bet. At any rate, it does work (for some folks), and certainly ought to work (for all of us), so I think you’ll get it all sorted.