Wrap to page


Turn on TextEdit v2.3 and look under the Format menu. There is a toggle  named “Wrap to Page” or “Wrap to Window” depending on how you have it set. DevonThink’s rtf editor does not support the “Wrap to Page” option.

I have to print out nearly everything that gets written into DevonThink and text formatting is very important. The Wrap to Page option is a huge help when it comes to getting what is on the screen to look like what is on the printed page. You know where you are on the page at a glance and it really makes life so much easier.

Me too,

I would also like to know if it possible to insert page breaks (haven’t figured out how to do this in textedit, though it displays them when I open a document with page breaks).

Enjoying the learning curve.


Page wrapping will be part of v1.9 (but as mentioned in another thread - don’t expect this version soon, DT Pro will definitely arrive before DT PE 1.9)