Writer needs Manual Sort in a Group

I’m a writer. I use groups to organize sections of my books. Within each group, I store the reference documents and footnotes that pertain to that section of the book.

I would like to be able to manually sort the documents in the group. I want the document order in the group to match the outline of my writing.

I tried using numbers in the title, but that causes the renaming of every numbered item after adding of a new document. So, I need an “unsorted” command button.

I think this feature would greatly enhance the use of DTPO as a database for writers.

There already is an Unsorted option when you right-click > Sort.

Note: You cannot have more than one Sort method per pane. The directory pane may be sorted by Kind to keep groups together. But the contents pane may be sorted by Date Added, Unsorted, etc.

You may have to mess about with the Views too (see View > as…).