Wrong Opener Program

I double-clicked on an OmniGraffle file in a data base. It opened EagleFiler. I quit EagleFiler and used CTRL-Open-with, but the only menu choice was “EagleFiler(default).” Puzzling.

I exported the file to the desktop, double clicked on it there, and saw it open in OmniGraffle as intended. All was well, but strange.I then saved-as to a new name and then reimported the file into DT. At this point, if I double-clicked on the file in DT, it opened in OmniGraffle as it should.

Although I got out of the situation, I found all this strange and wonder whether there is an oddball bug that only bites once in awhile or whether I might have done something peculiar.

There is a culprit and it’s called the Launch Services database. It’s starting to become the Mac equivalent of the Windows Registry. Cleaning it up through some means (either manually or through a cleaning tool) is quite necessary.

Thanks, but does this mean that I should run “Verify” or some other DT tool, that I should use something else, or that I should just grin if I see such oddities until DT itself has some cleanup service? Does

No, it doesn’t. It’s not a DEVONthink problem in the first place.

As Annard noted, it’s an OS X issue. There are various utilities that can clean up the Launch Services database, such as Cocktail or OnyX.

Not sure it’s related, but Snow Leopard made a change in the handling of application bindings that’s currently getting a lot of attention:

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