WTF?!?! Where'd my stuff go?

Agghhh! I spent all night organize and wiki-ifying my documents only to have half the contents of a majority of my pages just disappear! What the hell just happened? I’m really quite pissed about this. I recall something like this happening months ago on a different database but this is ridiculous. I tried rebuidling the db to no avail.

One thing I noticed is that the files that have missing content also have lists. Any ideas? And how the heck do I prevent this from happening again???

That’s got to be a frustrating experience. You spent hours reorganizing material and setting up Wiki links, and that effort appears to be lost.

What happened? I don’t know. There are many possibilities, most of them outside DEVONthink itself such as directory problems, System problems, interactions with haxies, and so on.

That’s why I recommend manual use of the Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize tools frequently during episodes of intensive changes of a database – either when adding large batches of new content or doing intensive editing of content. That way. were anything to go wrong, there’s a recent good backup to minimize any loss of your work. Look up “suspenders” in this forum. :slight_smile:

Altlhough that probably means that all your work on organization and setting links will be lost, probably your best option is to revert to the most recent good Backup folder inside your database folder, using Tools > Restore Backup.

It is not just you or sloppy DT maintenance. There is clearly a serious bug in the lists feature that may be keyed to links added to the text.

I had DT rich text document with a list of to do items from a conversation with a client in it. Saved repeatedly while I created it. Tonight I was accomplishing some of the items and was adding notes on the results of my work, i.e., follow-up notes, under each of the to dos. In the process of doing this I was both typing information and pasting it in from websites. One of the websites had a list of items. I copied it, pasted it, then used the “list” feature in DT to put bullets on it, indent, etc. This was the first time I’ve used this feature. Following creation of the list, I made links in text to other DT documents, which followed the list. There were also links to other DT documents that I had previously made preceding the list. At any rate, I saved the document numerous times during all of this. I’m continuing to work and want to refresh my memory on a point. I click one of the links following the list in the document. It works properly and my linked document opens in the same window. I get my info and click the back button to return to my document with the link and the list. EVERYTHING IS GONE in the document following the first bullet in the list. The document up to and including the first bullet was fine, including the links. But the rest was gone through no fault of my own.

FYI, I’m using Tiger on a G4 PowerBook (1.5 GHz). I verify and repair and backup and optimize on a daily basis, sometimes a few times a day, depending upon my DT usage. Bill, this needs to be brought to the attention of the programmers, please. There is no telling how many of us are losing work without even knowing it. I’m less than thrilled about what just happened to me, I can tell you that.


Same symptoms here! Everything upto the first bullet item was gone in several of my pages (all with lists). I’m also running Tiger on a Powerbook (1.25ghz). Sounds to me like a bug for sure. BTW, like I said in my initial post, I’d noticed this behavior before but it was months ago and I can’t remember the details. I hope this bug is quashed quickly because I’ve got lists in nearly all of my reconstructed documents. :confused:

As I’m not yet running Tiger, I’ll call this to Christian’s attention.

Bill, thanks, I hope they get on this quickly. I have to admit, I’ve sat here today on high center not working on my project and, rather, considering how to approach it now. I really can’t afford to lose more work input. All the other pieces of this project are in DT and now I don’t trust DT anymore. What I was doing seemed like the perfect use of many DT features that would make the project convenient and easily accessible. Now I’m thinking about throwing it all into NoteTaker and using that instead. This may be possible because NT has really advanced lately, but I still feel restrained by the absolute notebook metaphor. Now if I could just drag pages out of it and scatter them on the screen, that would be pretty close to what DT provides. Just ruminating and thinking out loud for the most part. Has Christian indicated anything to you about working on this issue? I see he’s working on the collapsing outline issue (I don’t think I have that problem) but the issue described by torifile and myself actually loses data and seems more important to me.



I’m leaning the same direction myself. I’m a self-professed software hore. I buy licenses for software like it’s going out style. I guess that’s not a bad thing because it means I have options. Notetaker, Omnioutliner and DT are all things I was hoping could help me organize my life. I used to use NT exclusively until OO3 came out and rocked my world. But it is just for outlining things like meeting notes, agendas, etc. Notetaker/DT was going to be my scrapbook. DT is a nicer program (I really wish they’d give NT a cosmetic overhaul) but I never lost any data in NT. DT, on the other hand… well you know.

I’m going to look at NT again. The time lost re-entering my information when it’s still around in some other format is small potatoes compared to losing info after relying on DT for any length of time.

I just checked the Apple site. Lost text resulting from the use of the new List feature in Tiger is now a known bug of OS X 10.4.


Apple’s advice for the time being is not to use the List feature.

This is not a DEVONthink bug. The same problem would exist in any other application if one makes use of the new 10.4 Cocoa text List feature.

DEVONthink users who have not used the List format (new in Tiger) should be OK.

If you have used the new List format, read Apple’s notice carefully. Your data may only be invisible, not lost – but if you save it again, it will be lost.

Well, this is good news, sort of, LOL. Hurry with 10.4.1 Apple! Thanks for checking into this Bill and Christian.


Thanks for the update. :\ That stinks though. I guess I’ll go back to opt+8 for my bullets. For now. Perhaps a nice little warning is in order for others running Tiger, eh?

10.4.1 is out and it fixes at least one list bug. I’d try the losing text thing but I don’t know how to reproduce it.

I do. I was just getting ready to dl 10.4.1 when notification of your email came in. I’ll try it after I’m finished upgrading but that’ll be a while because I run all sorts of maintenance routines before upgrading.


Well, this isn’t too promising so far. I’ll have to try it from scratch, I suppose, but this is what exists of the text with a couple of links and the first bullet of the disappeared list that I saved from the last experiments:

{\fonttbl\f0\froman\fcharset77 TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT;\f1\froman\fcharset77 TimesNewRomanPSMT;\f2\fnil\fcharset77 LucidaGrande;
{*\listtable{\list\listtemplateid1\listhybrid{\listlevel\levelnfc23\levelnfcn23\leveljc2\leveljcn2\levelfollow0\levelstartat1\levelspace360\levelindent0{*\levelmarker {diamond}}{\leveltext\leveltemplateid0’02’05.;}{\levelnumbers’01;}}{\listname ;}\listid1}}

\f0\b\fs26 \cf0 To Dos and Follow-Up Notes:

Check out websites of {\field{*\fldinst{HYPERLINK “DEVONwiki_9”}}{\fldrslt \cf2 \ul \ulc2 GLRC}}, {\field{*\fldinst{HYPERLINK “DEVONwiki_10”}}{\fldrslt \cf2 \ul \ulc2 GLNPO}} and Detroit office of ACOE

\ls1\ilvl0\cf0 {\listtext }
\f2 \uc0\u9670 }

I don’t know what the heck happened to it but this is the 10.4.1 interpretation of it. OK I’ll go retry it from scratch. I hope this doesn’t happen to everyone’s lists. Maybe it’s just because this one didn’t have list closure because of the bug in 10.4.


I think 10.4.1 fixed the problem. I built a new DT doc with links before and after a list with diamond bullets. Clicked the link following the list and the link worked. Hit the “back” button and the list was intact and fine on returning to the document. WooHoo!