I love Devonthink and its power but looks forward to a simpler interface (easy for me to say but I have no idea how). I came across this shortly to be launched new app, which had some neat ideas in its notes section - while a calendar/to do app, so not relevant to DT, the notes section had some nice gui stuff going on:


I was very skeptical when I went and looked at the site, but I came away impressed.

Not so much on the web snippet thing, but on the general quality of the UI. Fantastically functional eyecandy. I’m a big fan of ZUIs and more tangible interfaces, and I’d like to see Apple continue to improve their offerings in the realm of libraries and such for developers to use. They should definitely see this.

I don’t see it being that applicable for DEVONthink, personally, but I will cheerfully give up a ton of eyecandy for DT’s continued stability and performance. Their priorities are good, imho.

I took a look at the promo and was impressed with the visual appearance.

But that application is really special-purpose, with a very limited range of functionality compared to DEVONthink Pro. It guides the user to do a limited number of things and pulls them together into a fixed set of results.

The DT Pro GUI

By contrast, DT Pro is a document/information manager that provides open-ended potentials to the user. And our users in fact have a very broad range of purposes for – and approaches to – their databases.

So the GUI for DT Pro should be simple. Indeed, there are only three principle elements: Groups (a representation of organizational hierarchies); Documents (the information, with associated metadata) and Sheets & Records (a spreadsheet like variation of Groups and Documents). There are six Views into the database (or subsets of the database) plus Document windows, slide out panels such as Words, See Also lists and the Search, History and Concordance views.

Groups and Documents can be duplicated or replicated. The concept of replicants needs to be understood, as that allows one to do some very powerful things with contents. If any instance of a replicant is modified, all instances are modified. Duplicates can also be useful, as one can duplicate contents and modify them without modifying the original document or group.

One can’t say much from this youtube movie. You also just saw the movie or you tried the app?
Anyway you might want to have a look at this:
Web2.0V2LogoCreatr*Beta :wink:

speaking of slicker UIs the following app, Journler, has a few things I would like to see in DTPro. journler.phildow.net/

I’m trying it out right now. I’ll write up a detailed review after I’ve messed with it a few more hours. Summary:Very nice, but not replacing DTP. Perhaps as a complementary application…

yep, I agree Journler can’t replace DTPro, because the latter is much more versatile and has many more functions. But the UI (e.g. text editing) are in my opinion better in Journler. They shouldn’t be too difficult to implement in DTpro… or that’s my hope at least!

Journler is a great application. It has become my primary writing app, though it is not for everyone needs.

Beta 3 is nice. B4 should be more stable with a few bug fixes but no new features.

Be sure to read through the tips and trick section of the forum and go throught the tutorial.

Have fun with it.

After playing with it a little bit, I’m very impressed. It has a good number of features, some of which (Apple-esque Smart Folders, tabbed editing, etc) I’d really like DT to adopt. I understand that many of the features I like are going to show up in DT2, so color me chipper.

In general, though, it’s nowhere near as quick as DT, especially on imports and saving changes, and the vast majority of features are useless for me.