x-callback-url support


In order to quickly save a bookmark (or web archive, etc.) to DTTG from anywhere in iOS and get a DTTG Item Link (for reference in apps like Omnifocus or 2Do)…

…it would be great to be able to call DTTG’s URL scheme (e.g. x-devonthink://createBookmark from apps like Drafts and Workflow) using the http://x-callback-url.com spec where DTTG would return the Item Link for the Item just created back to the calling app.

Currently calling x-devonthink://createBookmark is a multi-step (tap) process once DTTG opens and pre-populates the Title and URL (location) using the URL parameters. (1. Click > on the New Bookmark dialog, 2. select Bookmark/Web archive/Markdown/etc., 3. click Done)

Ideally the URL scheme could be expanded so that all of this could be specified directly in the URL, requiring no taps in DTTG and immediately passing the Item Link back to the calling app.

I looked around the forums and the web to see if there was any method for accomplishing this already but came up blank. Please let me know if this exists already!

Thanks for DTTG! It really is indispensable on the go!

Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently looking at ways we could extend this. No promises of when, but it is on out list. :smiley:

:smiley: Thanks for the quick reply and glad to hear something like this is in the running!
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Happy Holidays to you and yours as well! :smiley:

Related to this, I’d love to see DTTG supported by Workflow, but I’ve no idea if this is something that needs to come from them or you. It’d be great to build Workflows using DTTG; at the minute I have to finish text Workflows in Editorial or Ulysses and then share, even when the file is destined for DTTG in the first place. Being able to leverage the ‘clip into DTTG’ share extension from within a Workflow would be amazing.

DTTG2 already supports a URL scheme (see DTTG2 Help), and Workflow already supports “Open In…”, which can call DEVONthink’s share extension.

An update just in case anyone stumbles across this thread via search:

x-callback-url was added to DTTG on 2017-04-24 in Version 2.1.3!

From the release notes:

Here are some use cases, published over at MacStories earlier today:

Documentation: not sure if this is available anywhere on the DT site, but you can find details on the url scheme in the DTTG app’s Help section (question mark icon on the bottom toolbar), under Appendix > URL commands.

Thanks, DT! This makes an amazing iOS app even more amazing.

Thanks! And we’re not finished yet :smiley: