x-devonthink-item: llnks changing ?? !!

I’ve had something odd and worrisome happen.

Some time ago, I created annotations from a a PDF that I have indexed. Each includes a link to the original source as a link, e.g.,


so I could go see the context of the annotation.

This has worked great. After some time away, I came back and discovered that the links weren’t working anymore. Further investigation revealed that the link of the original source had changed. It was now


My understanding had been that these links were pretty much unchanging, even if the file name was changed, etc. That’s why they make such great links. Obviously, if they could go changing, my system is rather delicate.

Can anyone figure out (a) what might trigger the x-devonthink-item: links to change and (b) how to avoid it.

Many thanks.

Record UUIDs and reference URLs do not change. An original and a duplicate will have different UUIDs. Replicants will have the same UUIDs.

Have you had an anomalous event with your database and/or machine – crashes, or syncs gone bad, or something else?