X-devonthink-item?search= alway jump to the last reading location of a document, not jump to the search result

According to the help manual,

search: Directly jumps to the first occurence of the
search string. Usage: search=

the search should jump to the first result. but in my devonthink 3.5 , a link like : x-devonthink-item://A9D70F5C-D510-4B9A-92BF-BEE01BF44546?search=something always jump to that document’s last reading location, are there some setting for this behavior? where can i set it?
Thanks. I have been troubled many days for this.

I confirmed this behavior is belong to formatted note. It is okay in pdf and web archive(search jump to result). Are there some way to set behavior of formatted note. I want the search jump to the location of result.

Welcome @iamchenxin

I am not seeing an issue here…