x-devonthink link opens note--how do I discover path?

I have been experimenting with using x-devonthink links in other apps to automatically open corresponding notes in DevonThink. These links open notes within DT as new windows. In these windows, is there some way to discern the path of the note easily?

I use a file hierarchy that puts reading notes into folders named by the author/title of the text. When I click an x-devonthink note, I’d like to see the note in the context of its folder, or at least know from which folder the note comes. Is there a way to determine this? Perhaps my situation is complicated by the fact that path names can be quite long, as my reading notes have long file names and the folder names are also long since they contain the author, title, and year of a text.

Awesome! Thanks for all the great tips.

Cmd - R also takes you to the location in the sidebar in the three pane hierarchy