XMenu - Ability to change path of default items?

I have the same problem with Mac OS X that I had with Windows XP, namely the fact that applications keep putting stuff in my “Documents” folder.

I started using a sub-folder instead on Windows XP (My Documents > Documents) but when I became a Mac Switcher I started using Dropbox as a sync-tool, back-up and document migration tool.

As my MacBook suffers from the same problem of apps dumping stuff in my ~/Home/Documents folder I actually use ~/Home/Dropbox as my Documents folder and leave the actual Documents folder for the apps and system to do what they will with it.

Now to the point: Is it possible to change XMenu’s Documents option to use a different folder? I’ve already got an Alias to my Dropbox under the User-Defined folder but I’d like to reduce a click if I could and have the pretty little Documents icon actually open what I use for the Documents folder.

Thanks! :smiley:

That’s not possible right now, the only solution is to add aliases to another menu (e.g. to the ~/Library/Application Support/XMenu folder).