XMenu Apple Menu positions


Just upgraded XMenu via AppStore.

Previously main Xmenu Apple Menu was positioned far right left of Spotlight. Now position is random on the far left.

Is this something done for Apple/app store rules or I was just lucky I installed it first previously?

Have googled to find way to force menu item far right but no joy. Although I notice a MenuCalenderClock offers a pref of far left or far right so must be posible.

Any ideas?


Check the setting in a XMenu’s preferences (right click on the XMenu icon in the menu bar to access preferences) for the status of the checkbox “To the left of menu extras” – this should toggle the display between being between the date/time display and the Spotlight icon and being on the left of other menu items.

You could also try dragging the menu extras by using the Command-Click-Drag technique, although this (annoyingly) doesn’t always work.

Thanks for response. That option doesn’t seem to exist in the latest AppStore version. I’m assuming must be due to Apple rules, I’ve read since that 3rd party app menu positioning is an unauthorized hack somewhere else.

I’ll roll back to a pre-app store version for now which assume must have the option you mention. (thought i’d seen it as option before)

Yep tried that, believe can only reorder Apple’s apps (not 3rd party) in the menu. Also tried changing the login order of apps which does nothing. (think it did in leopard but things must of changed), must be way to do this in login scripts but not found conclusive hack for snow leopard yet.



That’s right. Just download XMenu from our website, this version still includes this option.