XMenu - how do I specify my own folder?

Hi. I just downloaded Xmenu 1.7. I’m running OS X 10.4.2.

I opened Xmenu’s preferences, and I can see the various choices for folders. However, here’s what I want to do is to have a SINGLE folder, named “mystuff” in my home directory (or in some other folder).

How can I set up the preferences so that Xmenu will display ONLY the “mystuff” folder and its contents?

I clicked on the “user defined” choice and typed in the name of my folder “mystuff”, but all that happens is the spinning beach ball. I couldn’t even force quit. I had to restart my computer. This happened twice.

Please help! Thanks! :smiley:


First, you don’t have to restart your computer if a background application is not responding - just use the Activity Monitor (see /Applications/Utilities) and kill a non-responding process that way.

In addition, the only user-defined folder of XMenu is currently ~/Library/XMenu whereas the name in the preferences is just a display option but doesn’t specify a folder name.

I guess from the date this must be about an earlier version. Using 1.9.10 (download version, not from the app store), activate the user folder, right-click it and “Open Folder in Finder”. Mine is in “~/Library/Application Support/XMenu/Custom” (and Snippets is its sibling). By the way, one can have subfolders there and they show up as submenus.

Welcome @gabber

Yes, that was from a long ago version indeed.