XMenu Icon Disappeared

Today I downloaded and installed XMenu and set it up nicely. However, it all of a sudden disappeared from the menu bar. I do not know how to bring it up. If you can help out, I will really appreciate it.

Did you restart your machine and XMenu isn’t set to start at login?

I figured it out. After the app downloaded, I was supposed to move the downloaded file into my apps folder. Neat app!

Yep. I use it at least 100 times a day, every day.


Oddly enough it happened to me too. I upgraded to Sierra and while Activity Monitor shows the process running no icon to be found in the menu bar. It had been working flawlessly for a number of years always appearing at the far right of my menu bar.

Any suggestions?


Does it persist after a machine reboot?

Another issue could be too many icons in the menu bar. Here Bartender does a good job.

Every time I close my laptop or restart it, the icon disappears, but I added XMenu in the dock. So now, when I open my computer, I only need to click on the dock icon, and XMenu appears in the menu bar. This way I do not have to go to my App folder to hunt down the XMenu file and start it from there.

You should also be able to set it to “Start as login” by right-clicking an XMenu menubar icon and choosing Show Preferences.

Ah, perfect! Thanks.

p.s. It would be great if we can have a Like and a Thank You button in the messages in the forum, so we do not have to write such short posts.

Haha! It’s all good. Short or long notes, it’s nice to hear from people. :smiley: