XMenu keyboard shortcuts

Using Quicksilver or other utility, is it possible to access an XMenu menu using a keyboard shortcut?

Many thanks.

I don’t think so but I don’t use such utilities.

Seems like it would be possible with utilities like:

Keyboard Mastro

… but that’s a pricey solution if all you’d use one for is keyboard access to XMenu. A free solution might be AppleScript GUI scripting and hotkeys.


I tried AppleScript and though I was able to create a script for Apple menu items, it doesn’t appear to possible to access third party menu bar apps.

Unless you know otherwise?

I don’t have any specific suggestions, especially since I’ve never used XMenu and am inept with AppleScript. What I’m wondering is if you might be able get the same desired end results more easily by not using XMenu to do it, including directly with Quicksilver (if that’s what you’re using). Or maybe an app like Butler would better serve your purposes. Without some detailed examples I’m still only guessing what exactly it is you’re trying to do. :slight_smile: