xMenu Lag When First Invoking It

I recently started using xMenu. When I click on the xMenu icon in the menu bar for the first time after starting up my Powerbook or even just logging in after having logged out, there’s a lag of about 12 seconds while the Mac “beach ball” spins and spins. Once it stops spinning, xMenu is usable, and remains instantly usable thereafter until the next time that I start up my Powerbook or log back in, when the beachball spinning happens again on my first xMenu try.
This is very annoying. Is this a glitch that I just have to live with or is there some way of fixing it? Do others experience this or am I the only one?
OS 10.4.11

It depends on how you’ve configured xMenu… In other words: what directories is it searching in, or did you make aliases for apps and place them within ~/Lib*/XMenu/ …

Whatever method you’re using, if you have MANY apps, then the initial load will always be slower, because it’s scanning all those directories. After the first time everything is cached and much faster.

On the Intel machines and fast (7200RPM or RAID) discs, there isn’t really a perceptible lag. WIth older hardware and many apps, it’s always going to take a while the first time.