XMenu on Catalina

Just loaded Catalina and XMenu is not listing all available Apps. This is not a 32/64 bit thing. It almost seems to be related to recently used Apps. Has anyone seen this?

Was using XMenu previously on Mojave and all available Apps in the Applications folder were being listed… XMenu is a very nice simple App launcher.

Welcome @rjp

Our freeware apps haven’t been specifically updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina. Updates will be coming in the future. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

XMenu is at least 64-bit optimized so it should show up. What happens when you launch it from your Application folder?

Thanks for the quick replies. I have had XMenu installed in the Applications folder for a few months and it was working fine (on 10.14.x). It would list all available apps. Now it just seems to list recently launched/updated apps.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with same result. I used the direct download version from your site (1.9.9). I have noted that it is also available on App Store.

I’ll just wait for the update. Just wanted to alert you guys.

Catalina splits the system volume actually into two and not all apps are located now in the same folder anymore. The next release will support this.