XMenu - OS X, Ver 10.3 Compliant?


Like many people, I’m not a great dock fan and would rather have my Apple menu back.  I recently tried an product similar to Xmenu.  Not long after I installed it, I began have screen problems (Titanium G4).  There was literally no contrast and images had a blue tinge.  One “expert” mentioned that the program might not have been 10.3 compatible. Does that sound possible?  I have heard of compatibility problems with 10.2 but not 10.3.

All this is a long winded way of asking if Xmenu (and the other  freeware programs) are 10.3 compatible.

Thank you for your assistance.

XMenu requires (!) OS X 10.3.x :wink: And as XMenu is not a hack, this application can’t cause any troubles.