Since Leopard’s stacks totally preclude me from using docked folders/hard drives in the way that I’m used to I was happy to find out about XMenu. While it’s not exactly the same, it’s near enough that I’m okay with the differences. However, there is one thing that occurs which I’m unsure if it’s a bug or a problem with Leopard. When using docked folders/HDs, I have the habit of hitting the first letter of whatever I’m looking for. When I do that in XMenu I get the Spinning Beach Ball of Death. I’ve tried it a couple of times and CMenu just locks up & the SBBOD appears. I’ve always given up & had to log off and the log on again to get rid of it. Has anyone else had this happen to them & is there a solution (besides the obvious “Don’t do that”)?


The only solution right now is to use the arrow keys.

It’s a bug of Leopard, the next release of XMenu will fix this.