Xmenu suggestion

I am running OS10.3.6.

I hate using the dock, so when I discover Xmenu, it is a godsend. I have just installed it and set up the xmenu folder. It seems to work fine. When I first installed it, I had a few “network stalled” warnings, but they are gone now.

However, I have found that I still need to use the dock now and then – when I have to open a file by dragging it over the icon of an application. This does not seem to work in Xmenu. At least, when I dragged the file over the Xmenu icon on the menu bar, nothing happened. I was hoping that it will open and let me access the apps inside.

To be able to open a file by dragging it over an icon or alias may not seem like much, but it really helps. For example, I can choose to open an image file by Preview if I just want a quick look or Photoshop if I want to work on it.

Has this feature been implemented (and I just do not know how to make it work)? If not, do you plan to implement it in the future? I sincerely hope you do.

Apart from that Xmenu is a great program. Just what I have been looking for.



Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion. At the moment dragging files to XMenu is not possible and although this is on the to-do list, it’s not yet clear if this is possible without using hacks (which is of course no option).

However, the next release (1.4) will only improve the speed of the “unique icon” preference a lot.