Hi all-

Just noticed the DTPO2 beta support for a “New XML file” and fiddled with it a bit. Seems like I can get a lovely syntax-colored file if I copy and paste some xml into a “new” Devon XML file, but importing or dragging an xml file results in a “blank” document. DTPO knows the data is there though, I get word count and can see the data in the “words…” display, etc.

I wonder if some DEVONthinker could say a bit about what the current state of xml support is, and generally where they see it going in the future. Two or three sentences would be fine!

Best, Charles

Could you send me some examples? Thanks!

XML is indexed, therefore searchable and displayed using syntax coloring. That’s it for now, no additional plans for the near future.

Thanks Christian-

It seems some can import correctly and some not. I’ll email support with my examples.

Best, Charles

Totally off the wall , way out in left field suggestion here: Select the text box and the try to select a new background color. My thought is that the text is there but is rendered “invisible” by being colored the same as the background. I’ve had this happen in rich text docs before and it’s no fun, believe me.

As Neil Diamond would say: “Black is black.” No luck, but thanks…