hmmm… I got a tab in Safari to open several bookmarks with one click. The forum-tab will -not every time- often start a download - YaBB.cgi

strange. can I do something here?

We’ve noticed this too but don’t know what’s going on there at the moment. But stopping the download and reloading the page again usually fixes this problem.

Clearing the cache seems to work for me (requires safari enhancer).  Strange behavior.

I had this problem a few months ago, then it went away; now it’s returned. (I just upgraded to a G5 with Panther, so it’s a new computer setup entirely.)

Earlier, it only happened while logging on to the site. Now, I’m also getting it when I’m inside the YaBB.cgi and clicking on links to topics.

I’ve had the YaBB.cgi download trouble intermittently, too. Whatever the replacement DT forum software is in the future will surely fix it. ;D

Is that different than Empty Cache under the Safari menu?