Yea! Reading list in DevonThink ToGo 3.2

Now, that’s very useful, indeed. Thanks very much!


Glad you like it :slight_smile:


It is, indeed! Probably I am too dump: After updating to the newest dttg, the Reading List appeared on my iPad, but not on my iPhone, as well as not on my Mac with dt. Did I miss some further action to be done?
Best, Michael

On DEVONthink To Go’s home screen, tap the Edit link to display the available global smart groups. Tap to enable the Reading List smart group if it’s not already, then tap Done.

great thx. and on the Mac version?

Try Menu: Help, “Reading List” and you’ll see the menu pointer to the Menu: View → Reading list. Lots of things in Help and the DEVONthink Handbook. :wink:


Select View > Reading List to show the Reading List sidebar.

What happens if an item on the reading list (from mac) is not available in the DB synced to DTTG?
Currently I see the metadata (name, file) in the DTTG but the file itself is not synced in that case. Is that the expected behaviour? Thanks!

That’s what I see and that’s what I indeed “expect” since the Reading List is just list of “pointers” to the documents. If documents not there, then not there. I’m ok with that as what I’ve always done is keep Reading List doc’s in the Global Inbox, read, and then if worth saving put into the relevant database.

Yes that is the expected behavior.

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Thanks. Another approach would be to tread “Reading list” as a container which regardless where the file is, would sync the file on the Reading List it to the device. When I add something to the reading list, I not necessarily want to think in which DB it is … and whether this DB is synced at all to my phone.

I see what you’re saying but the Reading List is not a sync mechanism. As @rmschne pointed out, it’s just a list of pointers/bookmarks to individual files gathered in one view for quick access. The files it points to may or may not exist, just as bookmarks in Safari’s Reading List don’t necessarily point to a web page that still exists.

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Many thanks also from me for those new features – both the reading list and the Markdown extensions are greatly appreciated!

Glad you’re liking the new features and changes.
There was a great amount of discussion and internal testing… followed by more discussion :smiley: … as they were fine-tuned.


So should the reading list sync? (assuming the documents in it are synced).

At the moment I have my DB synced between a Mac, iPad and iPhone and I have 3 different reading lists.

Is there maybe a setting I need to flip?

For me the Reading list, on the Mac and iMac, far as i know always synced into one list. Maybe I’m mis-remembering. I’m referring to the one that shows up under the spectacle icon in the Sidebar. I didn’t sue that much as that List didn’t sync to the IOS devices where I do the bulk of my reading. The new update to DEVONthink ToGo fixed that.

Perhaps you have a Group or Smart Group you defined on your own for each device called “Reading List”?

Beyond that, I didn’t change any settings. Just on IOS device edited the “Smart Groups” on the main screen to display the Reading list.

OK - yes that’s all I have done - enable the new Reading List smart group - (little person holding a book).

Documents are syncing for me OK but the reading list isn’t for some reason. I’m just creating an item in my Global Inbox on say my phone, doing a long press and adding it to the reading list. The doc syncs to to iPad/Mac but it’s only in the Reading List on my phone. Strange.

I didn’t do that. I’m using the built-in Reading List. See page 94 of the DEVONthink Handbook or in Help. This what I’m doing.

AHA - on iPadOS/iPhone under the DB sync settings is a “Reading Positions” switch, that I had turned off. It’s not a new switch, but it obviously needs to be on to sync the Reading List.

With this turned on it’s syncning now.

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For those who want to know where to look: the ‘reading position’ is described on page 38 of the DTTG manual. I wouldn’t have guessed that switch is required for the reading list to synchronize though.