Yep/Leap-style view?

I’m sure many people are familiar with the applications Yep and Leap. An interesting feature of those applications is the ability to view all the contents of a folder, including the contents of its sub-folders. For me, that ability leverages all the advantages of a highly organized folder structure—being able to drill down to a sub-sub-…sub-folder and see only its contents—while skirting its disadvantage—the inability to see inside a subfolder while also having a bird’s eye view.

The reason I ask, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is that I feel that DT could benefit from such a view. I’d be interested in others’ views on this. More generally, what views do experienced DT users usually use? Do you usually stick with one view, or regularly switch between them. For the record, I’m usually in the three-pane view, though recently I’ve been experimenting more with the Column view.

You can see the contents of more than one folder at a time by cmd-click selecting the relevant folder in the binder – it doesn’t matter if they’re contiguous in the folder list, or even at the same level.

So to see all the contents of a folder and its subfolders, make sure the folder view is full expanded (so you see its children), click on the folder itself, then shift-click on the last child folder.

I usually use Three Pane view (cmd-5) where the ability to see beneath the subfolders is really useful.