Yep-like month-day-data structure

Is it possible to auto-create a folder with the current day inside of a folder with the current month inside the current year as »Yep« does when you import a clipped snippet?

Clipping with DT is great but you need the folder to import into first.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to mark a passage somewhere in the www, click, a year-month-day hierarchy will be created and your snippet lands in the today-folder?

Is this already possible? Please show me how!

It is possible to do this with your own scripts. If you care to learn, there are many resources in the scripting forum.

Another option is to see if the templates in Data > New from Template > Registers are helpful. There are scripts there that will will create a set of groups for months, days of week, or days of month (1-31) - and after you create the groups, you could populate them with your clippings.

A third option is a blend of the first two: use the templates mentioned above, and adapt them with your own requirements.

A fourth option, when clipping: some users prefix the name of the clipping with yyyymmdd (or yyyyddmm) and sort their clippings that way. Doing so, you could select the clippings for 201108dd (or 2011dd08) and then use Data > Group Items to put them into their own group - building the hierarchy as you go.

To “mark a passage … click, [and create] a year-month-day hierarchy” would require scripting both Safari and DEVONthink. If that clipping method is exactly what you want, then building the script, or finding someone willing to build the script, is the way to go.

Thank you, korm.
I’m quite sure that I will manage this somehow. Before I start to puzzle around I wanted to know if someone could suggest a solution out of the box.