Yosemite Mail Scripting, error -10000

Hello, all. Has had anyone had any luck with the Add message(s) & attachments to DEVONthink script using Yosemite? I consistently get error -10000 from AppleScript whenever it tries to work attachments in any way — the first failure is at “set theAttachmentCount to count of mail attachments of theMessage”


That’s a bug (and not the only one) of Apple Mail’s attachment handling on Yosemite, an exception was probably logged to the Console.app.

on my (german) yosemite system 10.10:

Mail got an error: AppleEvent Handler failed.

on scripting

message(s)&attachments to devonthink

add only “message” works fine

only attachments error as above.

Do you happen to be using FileVault on your system?

I experience the same behaviour here.
I also use a german yosemite system 10.10.
No FileVault active.

It looks like, that one has to wait for an update of Mail. I did run onto this, too.

There are several similar issues on the Apple boards, the most informative one - alas, without a resolution - here on the AppleScript Users mailing list:


From my experience, for some messages the scripts work as expected, for some others Mail responds with the -10000 error, without any obvious pattern.

By the way, the meaning of the code is

errAEEventFailed = -10000

which is not specific at all.