Yosemite potential disk errors

hi everyone,

just wanted to report, it might potentially prevent or solve problems:

i upgraded to yosemite on both my imac and macbook air. yesterday i noticed strange behavior of microsoft word on imac: the “red dot” for closing documents disappeared, all menu entries for saving and closing documents were deactivated. so i could not save or close any document. same for the word app. it could not be closed.

i ran disk utility on both computers, and in fact, on both HDs there were (similar) serious problems that could only be resolved using the recovery mode.

now everything is fine again. the fact that i had the same kind of errors on both computers suggests that it is related to the yosemite upgrade, but i have no way to find out.



Good advice. Thanks. It is a good idea to boot into the recovery mode, and verify disks and permissions (repairing if needed) before any OS X release.

I have a MacBook Pro Retina with i7 CPU and 500 GB SSD.

After installing Yosemite I ran Disk Utility and repaired permissions (a number of errors were corrected) and verified the disk, which resulted in errors requiring repair. I performed the disk repair.

But that was the 5th time I’ve found disk errors in somewhat more than a year. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking it every couple of months. I’m sure its better to catch errors early on than to let them proliferate. My suspicion is that SSDs are somewhat less robust than HDs. Even so, the speed of SSDs is so wonderful that I’ll never go back to a conventional HD boot drive.