"You exceeded the demo limit" on mail import


I upgraded from Pro to Office a couple weeks ago and have just begun trying to archive my email messages out of Apple Mail. When I select a bunch of them (quite a few but i don’t have an exact number) and then use the menu command “Add to DevonThink Pro Office,” I get an error:

Mail Import Problem — You have exceeded the demo limit on the import of messages for today

The error box conveniently offers to take me to the website to purchase the proper license. But I thought I had the proper license — Pro Office?




Bob, apparently you have downloaded and installed DT Pro Office but have not yet registered it.

Check your license code email from DEVONtechnologies for the one for DEVONthink Pro Office and enter the license code information (Name, Organization, License Code) into the registration panel.

Note that your license code for DT Pro will not work for DT Pro Office.

You can trigger a resend of your license code message(s) at devon-technologies.com/support/index.html. Follow the instructions at the third “lifesaver” symbol – be sure to use the email address that you used when registration was purchased.

I’d swear I’d already done that but, well, who knows? So I just did it (again) and successfully imported 414 messages. Looks like it’s working. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bill!