You guys screwed up, and bad.

Listen, I’m one of your fans. I’m the kind of guy who has been going around telling everyone I know who has a Mac to buy DevonThink, and everyone who doesn’t have a Mac to get a Mac, so that they can buy DevonThink. I use it every day, for many things. I’ve been waiting eagerly for DevonThink to go.

And now the damn thing is crashing every time I try to synchronize it. Half the time it crashes on the phone, half the time it crashes on the computer. It’s functionality is really limited—I mean, filing on the go is one of the most obvious uses for this, and you can’t do it.

Consider me disgruntled.

I think the same. I have never considered asking a refund, but now I do this application is rather Overpriced in the Appleshop by Devon Technologies. I feel Devon Technologies screwed us. I even got a ban from Apple because of my negative comments about Devonthink to Go.