YouTube capture works poorly with DEVONthink 3's Sorter using hotkey

The Sorter hotkey seems to fail when used on a YouTube page, but not elsewhere.

On a YouTube video’s page, I open the sorter by pressing the hotkey. On most pages, the sorter auto-fills the URL, name, and a few other pieces of metadata. On YouTube, however, the sorter fails to capture anything and—if you save the item from there—it’s just saved as a blank link.

If you open the sorter by clicking the menubar item, however, and tap “Capture content from Safari”, it autofills all the relevant info.

On kijiji and other sites this happens as well, I have mentioned this before. However, the same webpage clicking on the DevonThink3 icon on safari then works fine, it recognizes the URL.

For me, the hotkey for YouTube works(recognizes the URL)

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