Zettelkasten users: You're sitting in the shade in your garden, reading a good PDF... and taking notes exactly how?

That’s awesome :heart: And thanks for sharing this as they are nice real-world examples of how DEVONthink isn’t only for business or academia and can be used in a variety of simple to complex ways; something we’ve been preaching for years :slight_smile:

If you’d like to share that RPG or language learning scenario relative to DEVONthink’s use, we’d love to see a new thread on it. I’m sure there are others who may find your use inspirational in those scenarios.

Circa notebooks make a nice transition to DT entries, which can be printed and stuck back in the Circa for further annotation.

I haven’t done that for a while. When the need strikes, like for class notes, it works. Sort of like Cambridge notes on steroids.