.zip files don't open

.zip files that have been imported into devonthink pro are extracted - BUT! are not shown in the database.

If I right click and click “reveal in finder” I can see that the .zip file has been extracted (in this case a folder filled with lots of images) but the extracted folder is not displayed in the database.

does DTPRO open / extract .zip files?

the way it is now I have to import the extracted folder back into the database. the location is obviously in the database because the path is something like :

My database.dtBase2/Files.noindex/a/extracted .zip folder

I am using dtpro 2.3.5

on a

MacBook Pro OSX 10.8
HD: 500 GB
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

It shouldn’t. How did you extract them?

I double clicked on a .zip file and I can see it is open in the finder (clicked “reveal in finder” and it is in same area as the original .zip). so it is there but not displayed in the database when looking at dtpro directly. but when looking at the finder window you can see the .zip has been extracted.

ok so dtpro does not handle .zip files directly, right? so it will import and store .zips in the database but can not extract and display them in the database.

is this a possible feature request?


Double-clicking doesn’t extract it over here. What’s the default application for .zip files on your computer and which version of Mac OS X are you using?

after more time I found out what is going on.

the default extracter on my mac is Archiver

so when I type -shift - cmd- O (open with default) then archiver is launched and it opens the .zip file. Then, something I missed earlier, there is archiver shows a window with the extracted file and I drag the file into the same location in the database where the .zip file is; then I delete the original .zip file.

Which version of Mac OS X are you using?

Oh yes I forgot to tell you about that last time

I am using the mountain lion 10.8

Thanks for the info! Usage of a third-party software for .zip archives seems to cause the issue. I’ll have a look at this.