Zoom and Window Wrap

DevonThink doesn’t Zoom in on RTF files the way I would expect, which is to wrap the text around using the available window space (rather than leaving it static, the window smaller than the text). I would think the point of Zoom is that you want to see the text, so having it disappear out the sides of the window doesn’t help. HTML files Zoom in correctly in this way.[/i]

IIRC this is due to the native document handling built into OS X. Perhaps Tiger will change this.

Well, there are plenty of apps that manage to get around this problem, StickyBrain for one.

At the least there ought to be a “wrap to window” command.

Hmm, DEVONthink should always wrap text documents to the window width. Or is the ruler simply to wide?



It doesn’t wrap zoomed RTF text, not on my system (it zooms out the right side in both the main view and in a separate window).

I don’t understand your question about the ruler. Is there some way to set margins on these docs?

I have discovered that with the ruler showing, you can drag the right margin in. Is there some global setting for this? All of the docs I imported from MSWord seem to spread 10 inches across; would I have to change all these settings manually? (This still doesn’t solve the zoom issue).

whshep is right, there seems to be an issue here, des this for me also. Oddly if you close a zoomed in window (or zoomed out) and then reopen the doc it appears to have rewrapped itself and changed the margins… have not experimented with this much so can’t give more detail, but the behaviour does seem unusual… should be looked into.

It doesn’t even do that for me. The zoomed text doesn’t rewrap itself when I reopen a doc.

What seems to me is happening is that each window is an “actual size” window (this becomes apparent when you choose “Show ruler” and zoom in). I am expecting it to be a wrapping window, not a static size window (and it seems to me that we ought to have that choice, a la StickyBrain).

The Ruler feature seems wildly inconsistent. For one thing, I would have never known it was there (“Show Ruler” ought to be in the “View” menu, I would think). Secondly, the right margin seems to change with every document I create–I installed a fresh copy of DT on my iMac, just to check this, and the first note had a right margin at 6, the second note at 7, the third at 8. This is without me doing a thing to the Ruler, only zooming in and out. Sometimes the preview window will have a different right margin than the editing window. There seems to be no universal setting for the ruler at all.

I can’t make sense of this. What I would like to see is a window that can be resized and rewrapped, whatever zoom setting was chosen. This would be independent of the actual size of the document, which would be governed by a separate default setting, with which all documents could begin and changed as needed.

For now, it seems my only option is to change all the right margins by hand, one by one, to a smaller value. :frowning:

Here’s some further observations.

A new plain text note will wrap to the window, until you use zoom. Then it becomes a static window.

A new rich text note will (sort of) wrap to the window, until you use zoom. I say “sort of,” because sometimes the text goes off to the right margin, but there is no scroll bar to get to it.

Once you have set the rule on a rich text note, it will remain a static window, no matter what. UNTIL you change it to a plain text note, in which case it will wrap to the window (until you zoom). Change it back to rich text, and it might wrap again (or it might not).

Sometimes choosing “View original size” after a zoom will make a plain or rich text wrap again (sometimes not).

Resizing the windows will produce wildly varying results–sometimes wrapping, sometimes scrolling off the page to the left (!).

More odd behavior: if you can get the text to wrap to the window, then view the ruler, as you resize the window, the right margin will actually move. Very strange.

Let me clarify my concern in these posts: The point of having zoom on text, I think, is to increase the readability of the text on smaller monitors (like my 12" PB). Having the text scroll off the page doesn’t increase readability, and having it wrap only at actual size doesn’t help me. If I increase the font size, then I will have trouble pasting it into other apps. To me, that is what zoom is for.

Okay, I’ve seen now what you mean. You’re right, this behaviour doesn’t seem to make sense. We’ll have a look at it.

We’ve put it where Apple put it in TextEdit.



Zooming and wrapping are kind of exclusive at the moment and we’re still investigating why the text engine of OS X stops to wrap text after using zoom commands. Hopefully v1.9.1 (maintenance release coming within the next two weeks) will improve/fix this.

This may be just the way Apple intended it. MS Word, for example, just needs a bigger window for zoomed text.

I have found one app that will wrap zoomed text to the window in the way I have described: Inspiration. So it can be done.

Isn’t Inspiration a Carbon application? Because DT is of course using Cocoa’s text engine :slight_smile:


I wish Apple had spent more time and thought on the Cocoa text engine. They are promising Cocoa text enhancements in Tiger, and I hope these enhancements are important and useful.

Up through Panther, TextEdit provides two view options, wrap to window and wrap to page.

The wrap to page option allows the user to choose from a variety of magnifications. For example, with a 12 point font, I find it comfortable to set page magnification to 128%. As monitor resolutions continue to increase (and my eyes get older), it’s becoming more and more important to provide a feature that increases the display size of fonts without actually changing the font size.

But the wrap to page option in TextEdit has drawbacks. In particular, choosing a larger magnification means that I’ve got to resize the window to view all the text. This option also “wastes” valuable screen real estate by displaying blank-space margins, which I really don’t need to see unless I’m preparing to print something. (Of course, TextEdit’s lack of headers and footers makes it pretty weak for printing, anyway.) Finally. some documents don’t display properly unless I fiddle with page setup, and perhaps page size.

What I would like to see in DEVONthink is a magnify option in the wrap to window view. (Why the heck hasn’t Apple provided that already?) Then I could standardize on 12 point fonts in DT, including most note captures from Web pages, and still read the material comfortably.

Note that a number of primarily Cocoa applications do provide a magnification option in wrap to window views. I find it comfortable to write and read 12 point text at the 120% magnification setting in NoteTaker, for example (or the 128% setting in NoteBook).

What would it take to add a magnification option to DT windows, instead of the current Zoom approach? Or will Tiger solve the problem?


DT 1.9.1 and DN 1.6.1 (probably coming next week) will feature a completely rewritten zoom and will always wrap text to the window width.

Bless you and a Merry Christmas!

This wil surely make a lot of users happy. :smiley:

Thanks for the fix…! I clip a lot while writing in word…this will be great!

Ok… so the world is unfair! We all knew that.

I felt pleased as I purchased the current MAC LiFE magazine (Germany) and discovered a Full Version of an interesting program called DEVONnote.

After visiting this forum, and reading all about the wonders of this (and other) product(s), I was even More pleased.

I played with some data, imported some stuff (a book project) from VoodooPad, and set up the Wiki Links… which worked rather well… (after I corrected some capitalization)… and was almost Totally pleased.

After playing with my newly created pages, I noticed the afore mentioned erratic behavior with Word Wrap and Window - Page size, and found this post in the forum.

Seeing as I have a version called “DEVONnote Personal Edition 1.6a”, it would seem unlikely that the ‘fix’ mentioned a few posts above (for DT 1.9.1 and DN 1.6.1) would have any effect on my current application, right?

Which would therefore mean that I would be required to purchase the latest version of DEVONnote, or even go so far as to go all out and get DEVONthink!! (not to mention Pro!)

Ahh… well… such is life. Money will be paid… and History will be made. (discreet reference to the Book Project…)

… Lee

No, the world is very fair: Just go to our website and download the latest version of DEVONnote, 1.6.1. It free for all owners of DEVONnote, independent from wether you paid for it or not.