Zoom for scan preview in scan dialog

I scan a lot. Frequently I want to see some small field on the thing I just scanned (like the statement date) when entering the title. The preview on the left of the scan dialog is nice, but it is just to small to read any actual text. Would it be possible to get a magnifying class when mousing over it so that I can ‘zoom’ over the fields I need to read.

Oh… I forgot to mention in my previous posts… I am using a Fujitsu ScanSnap.

Agree—a loupe tool (and/or QuickLook) would be extremely useful in this dialog.


I’m looking to replace devonthink at my company because people are just angry at me about this zoom/loupe missing feature.Doing "right-click zoom in "3 times in a row for each document. It was so frustrating.

If anyone has a trick or a shortcut. it would save me lots of stress people are passing on me.

I don’t understand how this feature was missed out.

And since we’re at it, in case, developers decide to listen, please add a feature to keep the zoom level in memory either for each document (nice) or at least for all document until the application is restarted.

One of my ongoing and seeming never-ending projects involves proofreading* and editing documents that have been through the OCR process. To do this I have to open (in a separate window) the original image as well as the OCR output text document. Because the two documents are displayed on the screen in such small windows, I have to enlarge both to even read the text. This involves not only zooming in, but also grabbing the lower right corner of the window and increasing its dimensions so the now-enlarged document is fully visible.

A means of setting the dimensions of opened document windows to something other than the (too small) default would be an eye-saver. At least allow persistence in window size while the application is open.

*My eyes are perfectly fine. I’m far-sighted with 20-15. I wear a +1.50 standard drug-store variety reading glasses for computer use. Normal text on the screen is fairly easy to read. However, proofreading requires a more precise acuity as well as concentration on individual words, which is enabled by zooming in on the original document.