Zoom In on image in document pane misbehaving

In the document pane or document window, Zoom In for images does not work as expected.

I have many items that are image files. When I navigate through items in a list, I want to see the whole image in the bottom half of the main window, or sometimes in a document window.
Therefore, in Preferences, Files - Multimedia - Image Display is set to Zoom to Fit.

Now I often want to zoom in on a detail in the image that interests me. In all other apps I know, including DTTG, zooming in enlarges the image, leaving the area under the cursor, or in the center of the pinch gesture, exactly where it was.

DEVONthink, unfortunately, behaves differently:

Using pinch gestures on the trackpad:
The image is enlarged, but it pans so the bottom left corner of the image sits in the bottom left corner of the window/pane.
This is very annoying because I have to find the area I was interested in again. With high-resolution images and a large zoom factor this can be difficult.

Using keyboard shortcut for menu command View - Zoom - Zoom In (⌃⌘ +)
The image is enlarged, but it moves a little to the left and down from the expected position. It doesn’t jump to the bottom left corner immediately, but upon repeated Zoom In commands it ends up there eventually.

By the way, for pdf files in the document pane/window, zoom works as expected (centering on area under cursor), whether it’s text or an image.

I hope this can be remedied so DEVONthink’s Zoom works like other apps.

MacOS Ventura 13.1
DEVONthink Pro 3.8.7

Thank you for the feedback, noted.