Zoom / Resize Plain Text

Is there any way to resize/zoom plain text files? Seems like a big oversight if you can’t set default font and size for plain text files. I’m not going to read text that small on my iPad. Most of my files are plain text. Most other apps let you set default Font and Size. If DevonThink To Go can’t, it is quite useless for me as an app.

Not currently, but it’s something we’re considering for a future update.

This request was from 2011. Have you implemented it yet? If so, it’s not obvious where/how. A pointer to where this can be adjusted is appreciated.

It’s in the app settings.

Thanks for pointing out where it is! I looked in the settings that exist in the general phone preferences, and several other places. Apparently I didn’t see this.


We had to move the settings into the app as the Settings app didn’t provide the flexibility we needed for setting up the synchronization.