Zoot transfer?

Okay, this is a question related to my recent switch from XP to Mac. On XP I made use of a sweet little program called Zoot, which was very like DT in intent. I put some time into Zoot and liked it. I have a ton of notes in there that would be great in DT.

Is anyone else in my predicament?

Has anyone given any thought to bringing notes from Zoot into DT?

Don’t know much about Zoot, but took a tour of their Web site.

My guess is that files are stored in a proptietary format, and I didn’t see anything about export of database contents (a la DEVONthink).

One possibility might be interesting. Zoot can ‘send’ the contents of folders (including nested folders) to an HTML file. All or selected portions of the HTML file could be imported into DEVONthink. That’s work, but offers one route to transfers from Zoot to DEVONthink.