Zotero, Firefox, Devonthink--happy together?

My wife is just getting started using Devonthink Pro Office. She has a large amount of Zotero stuff already stored. She can, of course, just import the folder containing all that. But Zotero’s foldernames are mysterious (they’re essentially webarchives, but with nicely associated bibliographic info). So, moving those web pages to groups is very very very very tedious. I can’t and she can’t write scripts. Zotero has all the relevant information stored that would produce, let’s say a folder with the webpage’s title.
Zotero can output a bibtext file of all the entries, but that doesn’t contain the actual webpage.
Has someone already invented the appropriate wheel?

Adding to my post: Zotero can export not only its bibliographic information (which Devonthink can sort of read–bibtext) but also something it calls Zotero RDF.
This contains the websites it saved together with the necessary biblographic info. But when imported in Devonthink the files are simply raw website folders unassociated with the bibliographic stuff. Someone who is good at script writing (i.e., not me) could take the RDF file and the web files and make a webarchive. Zotero is open source.

I’ve experienced similar issues. I think Zotero is neat but exporting to a “clean” format that an application other than Zotero can read is not readily doable, IIRC.

I think it’s usefulness is quite limited as a result.

I wish I could help otherwise.

Well, maybe then the thing to do is:
a) deal laboriously and manually with my existing zotero files
b) see if there’s an easy way for Devonthink itself to have a bibliographic aspect wrt webarchives. (That is, have a savable display that shows author, title, date captured, etc.)

For the nonce, I end up dealing with two separate files in DT; one with the webarchive and one with the awkwardly presented bibliographic info.