Zotero-like quick export text formatting

With Quick Copy in Zotero, users can highlight and drag text to copy it between documents. This method of copying also formats the text in a particular style that the user can set themselves via preferences. In the .gif I’ve attached here, you can see that it formats my text clipping as a MultiMarkdown link to the source document.


This is an amazing feature. Over the past few weeks I’ve gradually been spending more time using the native Zotero PDF reader and less with DEVONthink. I’ve actually begun moving texts out of my DT database and into the Zotero database so that I can take advantage of Quick Copy-formatted backlinks.

Can something like this be implemented in DT? Most of the groundwork is already in place. Much like Zotero, DEVONthink has a native PDF reader, and it assigns URIs to every document. So I hope this feature could realistically be added to DT.


Did you already have a look at the Annotations & Reminder inspector and its Annotations popup, especially the Insert Quite and Insert Backlink commands? The inspector supports plain/rich text and Markdown annotations.


Yes, i’m aware of that feature. But I’m trying to add the link to other existing markdown documents – not to the annotation document.
My Zotero workflow involves reading many texts and copying relevant quotes related to my research question from across these different sources into a single text document. It seems like the annotations sidebar that you mention isn’t the right tool for the job (in the way I’ve been using it), since I’m writing about many different documents (books, articles, web pages, etc) rather than annotating one specific document.
I prefer not to liter my database with the empty documents that are generated by running the Insert Quote and Insert Backlink commands and then cutting/pasting the output elsewhere.